Is Prosperity Marketing Club a pyramid scheme?
No, we’re not  a pyramid scheme. We’re a direct mail club that sells supplies (leads, envelopes, cover letters, post cards, etc.) as well as teach online marketing, that you can use to advertise any business. We highly advise NOT to join any business that does NOT include any products or services. A pyramid scheme does NOT include products..

Is Prosperity Marketing Club a scam?
There’s no way P.M.C. can or could be a scam. What you’re paying for is to be apart of the club itself and the mailing supplies. What you do with those supplies is up to you.

Can Prosperity Marketing Club work outside of the U.S.?
– Yes, we can work anywhere in the world. Supplies are shipped Priority Mail within the U.S. or regular 5-7 business day mail via USPS anywhere in the world.

What is the Product that I’m purchasing?
The products are the leads and flyers included in your product package or any other supplies that you order from P.M.C. that you can use in any way or for any business that
you’d like.

What makes P.M.C. different from other direct mail businesses?
Prosperity Marketing Club is very special to it’s core! The owner themselves have made a true 6 figures with online and offline marketing. We give very high quality leads that we ourselves use. We give a larger quantity of leads and colored envelopes with every package option than our competition. We also offer personalized websites, cover letters, and post cards. We hold twice weekly meetings. One on Thursday for prospects, your interested people, (helps close more sales for you) and one on Tuesday for P.M.C. members only where we give everything we know to help you earn maximum potential. We give our exact strategies and shortcuts so you can earn duplicate our 6 figure earnings. No other flyer program offers all of these things combined!

How much does it cost to join?
There is a one time package fee and a one time supply fee. The different package options are on the “Home” page with what all is included. The package fee is so that you can earn commissions, be apart of P.M.C., and so your sponsor earns from their time, labor, and efforts. The supply fee is for gathering and mailing your supplies to you.

Are the supplies sent out on a regular basis?
– Since P.M.C. is a one time fee, supplies are only sent to you when you first originally sign up. When you run out of your original supplies, you can order more from either the “Order Supplies” tab or “Order VIP Supplies”.

What do I get when I join Prosperity Marketing Club?
Depending on the package you choose from the flyer of your sponsor will determine the number of supplies you get. How ever much your package fee is will determine the amount of envelopes and leads you get. Example: $50 package fee = 50 leads & 50 peel-n-stick leads ~ $550 package fee = 550 leads & 550 peel-n-stick leads ~ $1,050 package fee = 1,050 envelopes & 1,050 peel-n-stick leads